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Mendham | New Jersey, NJ.

IRP Designs was commissioned to provide a kitchen renovation in New Jersey that would keep elements of the original space, while also providing the area with a brand-new, custom kitchen design with modern styling.
IRP Designs was also brought in to do bathroom renovations for the New Jersey home, which also called for clean aesthetics and a modern design concept. Here’s what we did.

The Kitchen Renovation

This New Jersey kitchen renovation project provided us with a few unique challenges and opportunities to create a modern, custom kitchen design that our customer would love.
This kitchen featured a vintage Lacanche range, which boasted six burners as well as a cast-iron French plate. The range also features a double-oven design, making custom kitchen cabinetry a must-have in order to fill the space alongside the range properly.
We took our design cues from the vintage Lacanche range, given how much of a statement piece it is within the kitchen, and based our custom kitchen drawer designs around its features. This meant going with a gunmetal frame on the drawers and sides of the range, providing details that match the range. This choice also gave us the ability to blend the old-world aesthetic of the Lacanche unit with a sleek, modern-looking set of cabinetry and shelving.

The Bathroom Renovation

TSince we also focus on bathroom renovations in New Jersey, as well as the entire New York Metro area, our client also called on us to provide a total renovation of bathrooms in the home. We took a modern approach to these bathroom renovation projects as well, opting for a stone herringbone pattern for the floors and large stone tiling for the walls.
The shower features a frameless design that spans the full floor-to-ceiling length with black hinges and sturdy tempered glass. This allows for a full glimpse at the stunning view out of the bathroom windows. We also opted for a free standing tub to provide depth without colonizing space in the corner of the expansive bathroom.

One of the more unique features of this bathroom is the cement lacquer finish for the countertops in the home’s master bathroom. This offers a bold yet refined look which is not too industrial, but also not too predictable either. The simplicity of the countertops offsets the patterned floor and stone accent wall perfectly. We also opted for suspended vanities, which offer a clean, modern look without adding the bulk of under-sink cabinets.

The final look is a very contemporary design, mixing old molding and wall details with modern furniture, that replicates the interior finishes you’d find in many old apartments within the center of cities like Madrid or Milan. At IRP Designs, we make sure that our custom kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, and laundry rooms as well as living furniture blend the best of Spanish and Italian design with the customization that no other firm can match.

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